Sunday, January 31, 2016

Handling Too Bright LEDs

Do you have any devices with LEDs that are annoyingly bright?  I have a wifi access point on a stand below a television in my bedroom.  It’s the perfect spot for the device.  And if I wanted a night light it would do double duty as such.  The thing is, I don’t want a night light.  :-(

After looking for settings that would allow me to dim the light I thought about putting a piece of tape to cover it.  Unfortunately, that would deface an otherwise very clean looking piece of hardware and, more importantly, the light serves a useful function as it indicates the status of the unit.

One of my tech-savvy children said he had seen an ad for light dimming covers offered at  I wasn’t sure if the product would be any better than just applying tape over the light but took a chance anyways.

I chose a set of covers colored to match the face of the offending device.  I found that just one didn’t cut the light enough, but applying several of them on top of each other allowed me to dim the light of the LED to exactly the level I wanted.  Now the light is still visible, but it is much dimmer and doesn’t irritate me at all at night.  The face of the device looks as if there’s nothing there and if I want to remove the covers, they peel off easily and don’t seem to leave any residue.

Neat.  :-)

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