Friday, January 29, 2016

Cut The Clutter At Home and On The Road -- Portable USB Charging Stations

So many people have a smart phone and a tablet too.  Then there are our other rechargeable devices.  What do they all seem to have in common?  USB charging ports.  Even my electric toothbrush uses a USB recharger.  There aren't enough electric outlets in convenient places.  In retrospect, the answer is obvious -- a single charging device with a bunch of USB connectors.  And if you have one of those, ideally you'd also have cables that aren't too long so you don't end up with a rats nest of charging cords.  I never gave much thought to these things until I read a review on The Wirecutter, a marvelous web site chock full of sensible thoughts on a broad array of gear.  That's where I was introduced to multi-port USB power adapters in general and those offered by Anker in particular.  I have one five port charger that I use in my home office and another five port charger that my wife uses.  I keep a third, in a small pouch, together with a collection of short charging cords, for travel.  No more fighting for the last outlet.

I've grown to respect The Wirecutter and very much appreciate things made by Anker.

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