Friday, February 5, 2016

This Cloud Thing Just Might Catch On :-)

I am fascinated by virtualization technology in general and have invested a lot of my time learning about the VMware ecosystem in particular.  I am very proud of my home lab.  And now I'm starting to wonder if I should get rid of all of it and focus on cloud based infrastructure.

I want to supplement the processing, storage and network capacity of my home lab, but I'm not eager to make additional investments in hardware.  I started to look at Amazon Web Services and was blown away.  The array of resources is dazzling and the pricing structure makes sense.

I have been using Amazon Glacier to archive all of my data.  I'm ready to start learning about cloud servers and networking using Amazon Web Services EC2 and VPC technology.

I was starting to read the relevant AWS documentation and was really impressed.  Just when I put down those things, this article came to my attention.

Oh my.

My next series of projects will be about extending my home lab into the cloud.

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